In Image Ads for Publisher

Earn money with targeted advertising on your page

Earn money with PantherAds

Publishers get free images and in-image ad revenue

You not only get access to more than 10 million free stockphotos – we generate income for you. We use the space on the images to display ads and pay you for the advertising income! Our technology also works for all already existing images on a website.


Your benefits

  • Monetize unused adspace on your site
  • Save money with free stockphotos
  • In-image advertising is optimized for mobile devices
  • Displaying ads on responsive images is the best and non-intrusive way to engage with customers on a any and especially mobile devices
  • Visual information is processed 60.000 times faster than text
  • Our image ads are relevant to the reader and do not distract
  • Visitors are cognitively engaging with the content and keep the ads in their memories
  • Earn higher CPMs with targeted ads