• In-image advertising for publishers

    Monetize unused premium ad-space

    Displaying ads on images works! In-image ads are non-intrusive, relevant and cognitively engaging. PantherAds pays you for using the premium ad-space on your photos and gives you access to more than 10 million free photos.

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  • In-Image advertising for advertisers

    New ways to engage with potential customers

    Images are part of the content and therefore cognitively engaging. We know what is on the image and on the website. Our advanced multi-dimensional targeting technology displays only genuinely relevant ads.

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  • Showreel

    Watch our In-Image Advertising demo

    Let us show you how in-image ads work in less than a minute. And that’s also how long it’ll take to integrate our technology into your site.

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Introducing In-Image Advertising

Free photos & new advertising income = PantherAds

PantherAds is the world’s first in-image ad agency that not only offers an innovative way to display advertising on photos, but also grants you access to more than 10 million free photos. All legally checked including model and property releases thanks to our own stock agency panthermedia.net. With more than 12 years of experience in working with photos, we know how to analyze photos to pick the most appropriate ad for your site! In-image advertising with PantherAds is the ideal way for advertisers to communicate their brand in a contextual appropriate and cognitively engaging way on relevant websites.
For Publishers

For Publishers

Find out how to earn an extra income with unused space on your website.

For Advertisers

For Advertisers

In-image ads are non-intrusive, relevant and cognitively engaging. It is the better way to reach for target group.



Watch our demo video to find out how in-image advertising works with PantherAds.

If your answer is yes, we should talk!

Why you should work with us

Questions for publishers:

  • Is your traffic shifting to mobile devices, but not your advertising income proportionally?
  • Do you have decreasing CPMs?
  • Is AdBlocking a threat for you?
  • Are you paying a licence fee for royalty free or rights managed images?


Questions for advertisers:

  • You are looking for non-intrusive ad formats, especially on mobile devices?
  • Is banner blindness an increasing threat for you?
  • Are your banner-clickrates decreasing?
  • Do you think the branding capabilities of the current ad formats are not sufficient?


If you answered “Yes” for at least one question, you will be happy to find out more about PantherAds.