In-Image Advertising

Images are part of the content. They tell a story. They are mobile ready. Yet, they are un-used real estate on your website. Images can display targeted advertising that is relevant and cognitive engaging.

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1. Pick an image or bring your own

Publishers can select from more than 50 mio stockphotos from our own stockagency If you already have your own images, just paste the tiny code snippet into your site.

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2. Analysis

We know what’s on that image. Even if it is your own. We also know what’s on the website where the image is displayed. The potential ad space is now categorized. Automatically and in real time.

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3. Targeting the ads

PantherAds chooses just the right advertising for your site. Publishers and advertisers can also apply filters what they want and don’t want. We automatically select what ad is relevant for your content. PantherAds displays standard ad formats or, even better, individual formats of the advertiser. In any way, we stream responsive HTML5 ads on the image. Whether it is viewed on a mobile device, tablet or a desktop, it is optimized!

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4. Earnings

We do not only offer our photos for free, but PantherAds shares the ad revenue with the publisher of the site. Earn money with your site now!

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